SICK SAD WORLD – Fear & Lies

Album: Fear & Lies

Artist: Sick Sad World

Label: Help Yourself

Release Date: May 26, 2015

 Sick Sad 5-12


The Upshot: Infectious, joyful indie pop that belies the group’s downer of a name.


Leave to an Olympia/Seattle kid to see past the rain and gloom and put out an impossibly sunny indie pop album that sticks with you for days. Lyrically smart and witty, musically a cross between an amped up Beach Boys with nods to Power Pop bands like Material Issue and Jellyfish, Sick Sad World is clearly a misnomer.

The brainchild of skater Jake Jones, Fear & Lies is oddly at both times comfortably familiar and impressively original. From the “Hawaii Five O”-like surf guitar intro to “Alone All the Time” – an infectious sing-along about losing all of your friends (there’s the ol’ Seattle gloom we know and love) – to the perfectly scattered whoa-oh’s in a song like “Disguise,” Jones has crafted a memorable record from start to finish.

Here’s hoping Fear & Lies is just the beginning of a long career.

 DOWNLOAD: “Alone All the Time,” “Disguise” and “Skateboarding Girl”

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