Album: Optica

Artist: Shout OUt Louds

Label: Merge

Release Date: February 26, 2013

Shout Out Louds


The ever upbeat and feel-good Swedish quintet, Shout Out Louds, return with their fourth release, Optica. Beginning in familiar territory for the pop-rock band, “Sugar” and “Illusions” are enjoyable tracks that melt into your consciousness as singer/guitarist Adam Olenius has help with the chorus on the latter track while Bebban Stenborg’s gentle vocals add an additional effervescent layer to the love song.


There are a few moments within Optica where songs are fun and easy but prove atypical – “Walking in Your Footsteps,” “Glasgow,” and “Where You Come In,” for instance. Even the fast paced “Chasing the Sinking Sun” is a tad reminiscent of 2007s hit single “Tonight I Have to Leave It.” Nevertheless, Shout Out Louds induce some body bopping with the catchy “14th of July” as its fast, pulsating drums and high toned, strumming guitar cut through the mellow keyboard and effects. The dancing vibe picks up again with “Hermila,” a track where Stenborg takes the role as lead vocalist; the smooth song, with its serene effects, beat and quiet horn, perfectly complements her calm vocals which entrance you. Shout Out Louds slow things down a bit with “Blue Ice” and “Circles”; here, Olenius’ vocals provide a somber feel to each song but a shred of joy still shines through. Especially in “Circles,” as a reverbed guitar floats into the air and Olenius’ gentle falsetto wails, “just give me a little more time.”


Shout Out Louds have produced a great, light-hearted and warm album that will lift your spirits, mellow you out and make you dance.


DOWNLOAD: “Blue Ice,” “Hermila” APRIL S. ENGRAM