Shonen Knife 10/13/16, Denver


Live at the Marquis Theatre, the distaff popsters are touring North America through November 10.


I was trying to think of the last time I saw this perky Japanese trio  then realized I may never have seen them (this happen in 35 plus years of gig going…you forget stuff).

Ok so yeah…I’d never seen Shonen Knife before even thought they’ve been around for over thirty years (this was, in fact, thir 35th anniversary tour) and first came to cult attention in our country on the heels of 1986’s Pretty Little Baka Guy.

They’re in our country now touring for their latest album Adventure which came out back in April on the Damnably label.

After two or three opening band who I missed except for the band before S.K. who seemed to play forever but it was a lot more exciting our front on the sidewalk. I had an extra ticket that I couldn’t give away (not a knock on the band, everyone who showed up already had a ticket) so I offered it to this homeless guy who was on his knees chalk drawing out front . When he stood up he must’ve gotten a head rush ‘cos he fell face first flat down on the sidealk. Ouch. Ok so much for him.

In the band are still sisters Naoka and Atsuko (and a revolving cast of drummers…and even bassist Atsuko has bene in and out of the band over the years) dressed in colorful, flowery, silky dresses and armed with the energy of an entire Kindergarten class. They opened with the old favorite “Pop Tune” and played a relatively short set which included a few off their new record including “Jump into the New World” and “Green Tangerine.”

They interacted with the crowd and the crowd, especially the die hards up front, loved every second of it, smiling, pumping their fists and singing along to all the songs.

They ended the set with a rousing version of “Loop Di Loop” and came out for one encore, the fan favorite “Sushi Bar Song” (from 1998’s Happy Hour) and called it a night. Hey even rock chicks like Shonen Knife need their beauty sleep G’night ladies.

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