Album: Be Myself

Artist: Sheryl Crow

Label: Warner Bros.

Release Date: April 21, 2017

The Upshot: Emotional, frequently upbeat, and a rich portrayal of an artist’s interior life.


Sheryl Crow is back. The nine-time Grammy award-winning artist is releasing Be Myself and it is going to be an album that will be played throughout the years to come. The songs are passionate, the type that everyone will be able to relate in one way or another to each one. Some are upbeat, some are emotional, and some are reminiscent of some of her past music. The drums, guitar, and bass are phenomenal as well. Sheryl Crow is an artist who has been there and done that, and somehow, she keeps coming back, better than ever, and an artist who puts herself into her music. Be Myself is truly a look inside the life of Sheryl Crow:

  • Alone in the Dark – Good upbeat beginning using guitar and drums to lyrics that are in a certain way, kind of sad. Great song for those who have heartache. Overall a nice upbeat song from an artist who brings herself into her music her way.
  • Halfway There – Nice rocking song that will make you want to move your groove thing. A good tap your foot song. This is the song that will make you want to rock.
  • Long Way Back -Love the drums in the beginning! Nice guitar solo in song! If you like guitars you will enjoy both guitar solos. Catchy little tune that will be a favorite by many.
  • Be Myself– Reminiscent of earlier songs from her long and successful career. Straightforward lyrics and good music. A great song.
  • Roller Skate – A different kind of song but in a good way. A nice change in the middle. This song is a nice uptempo kind of song.
  • Love will Save the Day – Slower, dream-like song that will take you to another place, full of hope.
  • Strangers Again – Another rocking song. Good guitar and drums.
  • Rest of Me – A folkish feel in the beginning that works nicely. Love the guitars in this song. Introspective lyrics that will hit the sensitive hearts.
  • Heartbeat Away – Dark song, but I like it. One of those songs that will stick in your head in a good way, with solid guitar, bass, and drums. The lyrics this time seem more like a story.
  • Grow Up – Great beat! A really catchy tune, one to sing along to at concert.
  • Woo Woo – Good rock beginning. Another song that will most definitely be sung along to at concert. A very upbeat song, it’s the type of album closer that will leave you feeling good.

Overall, this album shows an artist revisit her past and embrace her future in music. This is a rare album that is upbeat while also showing an emotional side that we all have felt from time to time. Sheryl Crow is presenting a great musical journey with Be Myself. It’s a journey that everyone should get on board with, one that will be listened to for a very long time.

DOWNLOAD: “Alone in the Dark,” “Be Myself,” “Woo Woo”

Photo credit: Mark Seliger

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