SHE & HIM – Volume 3

Album: Volume 3

Artist: She & Him

Label: Merge

Release Date: May 07, 2013

She and Him


She may play the quirky central character on the hilarious sitcom “Who’s That Girl,” but when it comes to making music, Zoe Deschanel definitely takes her work seriously. So seriously in fact that on this third effort under the banner of She & Him (the “Him” being the otherwise austere M. Ward) her original songs sound so timeless and assured, they’re all but indistinguishable from the album’s smattering of covers. There’s immediate revelry courtesy of “I’ve Got Your Number, Son,” “Never Wanted Your Love,” “Baby” and “I Could’ve Been Your Girl,” given that each is etched from a pop perfect template clearly imbued with old school influences.

It’s no surprise then that when the duo segues into the album’s most familiar oldie, a plaintive take on “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me,” the transition is practically seamless. Yet despite that giddy, gregarious sound, there’s this pearl of wisdom punctuating the proceedings — “We all go through it together/And we all go about it alone.” Considering the duo’s reverent approach, such thoughtful verse comes across like an adage for the ages.

DOWNLOAD: “I’ve Got Your Number, Son,” “Never Wanted Your Love,” “Baby”

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