THE SHARP THINGS – The Truth is Like the Sun

Album: The Truth is Like the Sun

Artist: Sharp Things

Label: Dive

Release Date: November 26, 2013

Sharp Things 11-26


 The Truth is Like the Sun, the second in a planned four album series for Brooklyn-based chamber pop band The Sharp Things, is simply jaw-on-the-floor beautiful.

 Like the first record in their Dogs of Bushwick series, Green is Good; this one brings together a slew of different influences and manages to be pleasantly all over the map in tine. The first half of the record – starting with the album opener “Can’t Get Started” complete with a strong chorus of voices backed by piano and followed quickly by the sweet ballad “Lulubelle”- strikes a more wistful vibe, before the last half of the record moves to a more upbeat space.

 The Truth is Like the Sun boasts some of the best songs in the bands nearly 15 years together. “Flesh and Bone,” for example, sounds like a long lost track from the Pet Sounds sessions and lyrically, a song like “Talk to Me,” could go up against just about any Harry Nilsson song. With nearly a dozen current members, the layered vocals and instruments as varied as the Flugelhorn and Glockenspiel simply add to the group’s endless reservoir of charm. 

 DOWNLOAD: “Can’t Get Started,” “Lulubelle”… screw it, just buy the whole album.


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