THE SHARP THINGS – EverybodyEverybody

Album: EverybodyEverybody

Artist: Sharp Things

Label: Ropeadope

Release Date: February 19, 2016

Sharp Things 2-19

The Upshot: Final installment of a four-album series dubbed “The Dogs of Bushwick,” manages somehow to eclipse even the chamber-pop outfit’s earlier efforts (all of which were impressive enough on their own).


Around 2008, New York’s chamber pop flag wavers The Sharp Things set out a seemingly unimaginable crusade to record 40-plus new songs as part of a four-album set dubbed “The Dogs of Bushwick.” Despite the fact that most musicians tend to be big on ideas and not so hot on follow through, the group faithfully soldiered on with the pledge, turning out one solid album after the next (Green is Good, The Truth is Like the Sun and Adventurer’s Inn, all between 2013 and 2014). And far from being an eye-roll inducing pretentious practice that brings to mind some of the most self-indulgent moments of the 1970s, this collection was pretty damn fantastic.

The final entry, the 10-song album EverybodyEverybody, manages somehow to eclipse even the earlier efforts (all of which were impressive enough on their own). The dramatic cycle that streams seamlessly from one track to the next sounds more like one massive soundtrack to life, from the early moments of first love through heartache and reconciliation, the album is one massive sweeping moment of beauty with several seconds of silence every few minutes. Drawing inspiration from Brian Wilson and George Harrison to Bowie and Harry Nilsson, EverybodyEverybody is a masterclass in songwriting and execution.

After this powerful four-album opus, you can only hope than band doesn’t decide to call it a day.

 DOWNLOAD: “Sport’s Drinking Again,” “Shine Shine Shine,” “There’s Been No One Since You”


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