Sharon Van Etten 2/18/19, Denver

Dates: February 18, 2019

Location: Gothic Theatre, Englewood CO

Live – sold out – at the Gothic Theatre, in Englewood, Colorado, the indie icon made a remarkable case for her new album. Upcoming tour dates can be found here.


Sharon Van Etten came back to town, this time touring in her 5th album (and 3rd for indie Jagjaguwar) Remind Me Tomorrow, released last month. The show being sold out meant that people were ready to give her a warm Denver greeting (actually early in the set Van Etten told the crowd “It’s great to be back in Denver…..Ok, I know I’m in Englewood” which got a nice chuckle from the crowd).

She started off the set with three songs from said new album: “Jupiter 4,” “Comeback Kid” and “No One’s Easy to Love” which all had the crowd swaying.

This album is a bit of a departure for Van Etten as it has more of an electronic feel with more synthesizers and seemingly fewer guitars (maybe not true).

Van Etten then grabbed her guitar, dug a little deeper and played some older cuts like the “Tarifa” and “One Day” (both got big applause from fans like me, I prefer the songs from her past albums, the more ballad-esque and acoustic ones).

Later in the set she covered a Sinead O’Conner song “Black Boys on Mopeds.” For this one the band took a break and she did the song on the piano alone, this song was probably her protest song for today’s world affairs and she then played “Seventeen” another one off the latest album and the crowd was mesmerized as she was belting words from the song on her knees, a few feet from the fans in the first row.

Fans got excited when she played “Every Time the Sun Comes Up” from her previous album Are We There

She thanked the opening act, Nilufer Yanya, along with the Gothic Theatre for hosting ( additionally advising fans to check out the merchandise at the show where you can get a wine opener and duffel bag), and then launched into an encore, a great version of “Serpents” from her 2012 album Tramp, much to the crowd’s delight, and then called it a night. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t a good time had by all.


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