Shannon McArdle – Fear the Dream of Axes

January 01, 1970



NYC’s Shannon
McArdle has always done things her own way. After leaving critical pop darlings
The Mendoza Line in 2007 she embarked on her own and a year later out popped
her solo debut record, Summer of the
, which chronicled her divorce and all the ugliness that comes with it
(in the most beautiful way possible).  On
Fear the Dream of Axes, her sophomore
effort, McArdle has merely refined what she did so well on her unflinching
debut (and Mendoza Line’s terrific 2007 swan song, 30 Year Low).


Joined by former
Mendoza Line bandmate Adam D. Gold, who engineered and produced this, and
possibly armed with a fresh copy of Marianne Faithfull’s Broken English, McArdle once again delves into her own world of
dreams and the waking life. “Tar” is one of the few out and out pop songs on
the record while the stuttering “Our Kind” showcases her love of experimental
pop (perhaps a fan of Kate Bush or Lisa Germano?).  In “The Minor Incident” she utters “Shame on
you, shame on you, shame on you for not loving me” (perhaps a line to her ex
Mendoza Line band mate/husband Timothy Bracy?) while the gorgeous “Warden”
could offer a love of a different kind and the amazing “Adult Rated” is
absolutely epic. A few of the tunes drag, if just a bit (“My Kitchen Chair,”
“The Chase Scene,” etc.) but most of Fear
the Dream of Axes
smolders in its complex simplicity. Very well done.


“Tar,” “The Minor Incident,” “Adult Rated,” “Freighted Sky,” “Decalogue”


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