SHAKIN’ APOSTLES – Featuring Freddie Steady Krc

Album: Featuring Freddie Steady Krc

Artist: Shakin' Apostles

Label: Steadyboy

Release Date: February 19, 2013

Shakin' Apostles


Austin’s Freddie Steady Krc digs through the archives and revives the debut offering from his Texas collective, the band he formed following his departure from the seminal Texas outfit, the Explosives (who also backed Roky Erickson for an extended stint). Fusing the unabashed energy of that previous combo with the amiable Southern California sounds of the Byrds, the Buffalo Springfield and Moby Grape yielded the Shakin’ Apostles, proud flag bearers of a Texas legacy that’s sadly little known beyond their home state.

That’s all the more reason why this eponymous debut deserves a second hearing now, some two decades after its initial release. Happily, the years haven’t diminished its appeal; with the benefit of five bonus tracks taken from radio sessions and live performances, it proves even more formidable than before. The jangly melodies and breezy sentiments manifest in songs such as “Wild Wild West,” “Remember,” “Walk Tall” and “Hey Woody” (which features harmonica by Krc’s early mentor Jerry Jeff Walker) set a cheery tone, one that’s consistently upbeat and effusive. The bonus tracks maintain that robust revelry, confirming the fact that the Shakin’ Apostles are also adept at rattling, rolling – and for that matter – rocking as well.

DOWNLOAD: “Wild Wild West,” “Remember,” “Walk Tall”

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