SHADOW FOLK – Seagull Visions

Album: Seagull Visions

Artist: Shadow Folk

Label: The Active Listener

Release Date: January 28, 2014

Shadow Folk 1-27


Sitting outside both the traditional folk scene and the wave of indie pop bands emitted from the country in the ‘90s, Shadow Folk comes from Nova Scotia with a clutch of Zombies and Kinks LPs in one hand and a tab of acid in the other on its debut EP Seagull Visions. “Point Pleasant” and “Kensington Hill” would be highlights of that cool 60s top 40 you’ve always dreamed about, while “In the End” revels in trippier but no less accessible melodies. “Wind On the Willow Tree” goes acoustic to evoke the sensation of sitting under the titular plant while the music wafts on the breeze.

It might be damning with faint praise to say the band wears its influences on its collective sleeve on Seagull Visions, but given both the skill and delight with which the act works its favorite mojo (not to mention the record’s brevity), that’s an argument for, rather than against, Shadow Folk’s merit.

DOWNLOAD: “Kensington Hill,” “In the End,” “Point Pleasant”

(digital only release)

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