SHADOW IN THE CRACKS – Shadow in the Cracks

Album: Shadow in the Cracks

Artist: Shadow in the Cracks

Label: Goner

Release Date: January 08, 2016

Shadow in the Cracks 11-6

The Upshot: Blind Shake offshoot boasts screaming sheets of guitar, snake charmer music and a pro wrestling fetish. Damn good stuff.


You’d think that after having released three full-lengths (and following a long tour) that Jim and Mike Blaha—you know ‘em from their full-time concern the Blind Shake, or I should say the fucking great Blind Shake—that these guys would make like a pro athlete and have an off-season. No rest for the weary, I guess. So here is yet another record, but this time it’s just the Blaha brothers, as they left drummer Dave Roper home to have an offseason, and it was recorded at a place called Banana Tone. If I ever have another band (unlikely) then I want to record there.

Mike and Jin both play guitar, and in addition Mike plays a baritone guitar (I swear I heard drums on here… mind is playing tricks on me). In these nine songs you’ll hear screaming sheets of guitar and something that sounded like snake-charmer music (on “Penguins Blood”) while “Lonely Time” is the kind of music you’d want as you enter into the ring if you were a pro wrestler. Both the title track and “When the Bubbles Stop” sound like a soundtrack to that haunted house that I was too scared to go in.  I might like this a smidge less than any of the Blind Shake records but still, this is damn good so get these guys back out on tour. No rest for the weary!

DOWNLOAD:  “Penguins Blood,” “Lonely Time,” “When the Bubbles Stop”


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