SETH WALKER – Sky Still Blue

Album: Sky Still Blue

Artist: Seth Walker

Label: Royal Potato Family

Release Date: June 10, 2014

Seth Walker 6-10


After eight albums, Seth Walker still resists the temptation to adapt his blues muse in favor of further commercial consideration. Because his music doesn’t stray from a traditional template, he’s become one of the few white bluesmen to remain consistent to his original calling. Sky Still Blue, a follow-up to widely heralded 2009 outing, Leap of Faith, makes his intent clear, and indeed, even after a five year absence, Walker’s as deliberate and determined as always. A skilled singer and fiery guitarist, he still eschews flash and fury for a humble journeyman approach. His is a back to basics sound that veers from force to finesse, the former exemplified by the rousing strains of “Easy Come, Easy Go” and “Another Day,” the latter by “Grab Ahold” and “Way Too Far.”

In the final analysis, Walker doesn’t really tamper with any of the trappings, but he still be considered as among the best of his breed.

DOWNLOAD: “Easy Come, Easy Go,” “”Way Too Far”

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