SETH GLIER – Things I Should Let You Know

Album: Things I ShouldLet You Know

Artist: Seth Glier

Label: MPress

Release Date: January 15, 2013

Seth Glier

 If its title alone wasn’t enticing enough, Things I Should Let You Know would still affirm its intents thanks to a set of shimmering, seductive melodies that leave no doubt as to that desire. As he’s proved in the past, Seth Glier is a master when it comes to swaying certain sentiments.  And with a gift for phrasing and subtle arrangements, engagement is all but assured.

 From solitary ballads like “Everything Beautiful” and “I Am Only As Loved As I Am Open,” to the vigorous refrains that characterise “Man I Used To Be” and “Down to the Wire,” Glier’s tunes surge on even the slightest suggestion. Still, Glier doesn’t stop there. Indeed, higher ambition seems essential to his MO. The swampy sounding “Stars and Glitter” and the brassy flourish of “New World I See” find an infusion of energy that elevates these proceedings to a higher plain.

 Ultimately, Glier’s greatest gift is for providing nuance, which is yet another reason why Things I Should Have Let You Know is nothing less than a genuine revelation.

 DOWNLOAD: “Everything’s Beautiful,” “Man I Used to Be,” “New World I See” —LEE ZIMMERMAN