Seth Glier – The Next Right Thing

January 01, 1970



Seth Glier is nowhere near a household name, but given his
ability to convey such affecting sentiments, he could just have easily titled
his new album The Next Big Thing and
done so without the risk of appearing immodest. 
Such an assessment may seem like an overstatement, but the music offers
the affirmation. The vast majority of this material sounds like nothing if not
classics in waiting, with melodies melded in sync with lush arrangements that
find these elements tweaked to a tee. It’s the essence of perfection, a mesh of
taste and talent that’s usually found only on well-worn standards that have
long since burrowed into the collective consciousness.


Glier boasts a vocal that’s sensual, yearning and
vulnerable, and the tender treatments accorded “Book of Matches,” “No Place To
Land” and “Walk Katie Home”
offer an instant endearment that emphasizes the inherent emotions while upping
the admiration factor right from the get-go. Writing terrific songs is one
thing – a talent Glier’s clearly mastered – but knowing how to flesh them out
in order to maximize their imprint is quite another. Fortunately, Glier and
longtime collaborator Ryan Hommel have that aspect covered as well, ensuring The Next Right Thing carries both
immediate and residual impact. Frankly, it’s hard to believe music this good
can come from someone residing so far below the radar. Yet it also ensures that
Glier won’t be lingering there long.


of Matches,” “No Place


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