Seeland – Tomorrow Today

January 01, 1970




It never struck people at the time, but when Brian Eno
matched synthesized/electronica treatments with major-key chord changes and
hymn-like harmonies on his early solo albums, he was paying tribute to the Joe
Meek-produced “Telstar” (by the Tornadoes) from a decade earlier. He was taken
to be totally avant-garde. Now, in a time when everybody knows and reveres
their influence’s influences as much as their influences, it makes sense that
the Birmingham, England-based duo Seeland (which is a trio, including a
bassist) would be explicit about channeling Meek and Eno on this album of
snappy, sweetly pulsating pop treats.


At their peak moments (“Library,” “Goodbye”), Tim Felton
(primary vocals, guitars) and Mike “Billy” Bainbridge (electronics, vocals)
achieve the kind of sonic grandeur that gives you chills. They are graduates of
British bands Plone and Broadcast and earlier had recorded several singles for
Stereolab’s Duophonic label. But the singing tends to get wan and backgroundish
too often, at which times you think of bands – Magnetic Fields, particularly –
who can do this kind of music more forcefully while still retaining a sense of


Standout Tracks: “Library,” “Call the Incredible” STEVEN ROSEN


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