THE SEE SEE – Days Nights & Late Morning Lights

Album: Days Nights & Late Morning Lights

Artist: The See See

Label: Sundazed

Release Date: March 18, 2014

The See See 3-18


 Good psych pop never goes out of style – just ask Tame Impala, Temples and all the other young bands that have popped up in the wake of the Black Angels and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Though the internationally populated See See (boasting members from England, Auckland and Detroit) has been out and about since the late 2000s, it’s only now getting round to releasing its U.S. debut.

 Days Nights & Late Morning Lights compiles cuts from singles and the band’s two prior LPs, but the band hews so closely to its ‘60s-inspired pop vision that the songs sound as if they were cut during one long session. Lead songwriter Richard Olson (late of the promising but short-lived Eighteenth Day of May) seems to pen boatloads of would-be singles at will, such as the sweet ‘n’ shiny “Open Up Your Door” and “The Rain & the Snow,” the more overtly tripping “Keep Your Head” and “Late Morning Light” or the folk-rocking “Sweet Hands” and “That’s My Sign.” The See See jangles far more than it crunches, dusting nearly everything with creamy vocal harmonies. Don’t expect innovation here, but that’s not the band’s goal. Instead, the See See just wants to write good songs and play ‘em well, and it does that just fine, thank you.

 DOWNLOAD: “Late Morning Light,” “The Rain & the Snow,” “That’s My Sign”

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