Secular Joy – Made For Better Things

January 01, 1970



Songwriter Mark Edwards shut down his long-running project
My Dad is Dead a couple of years ago, but fortunately, that didn’t mean his
exit from music altogether. Made For Better Things marks the debut of
Edwards’ new band Secular Joy, and it’s both a continuation of his vision and a
new beginning. The former is represented by the political consciousness that
dominated the last few MDID records – tunes like “The Weapon Needs Ammunition,”
“Guns and Apple Pie” and “The Way Forward” pull few punches in their
exploration of the friction between red and blue states and personal and public
service. The latter comes from Edwards’ emphasis on melody-not that MDID wasn’t
interested in catchy tunes, but there’s less drone and more hooks here,
especially on “Better Things,” “Long Lazy Days” and “True North.”


Edwards brings a surprising jam sensibility to some tracks
as well: see the extended guitar orgy that codas “Recycled.” That means a few
tunes go on longer than they need to, but Edwards’ songcrafting skills and
foregrounded love of melody keep the interest level running high.


Things,” “The Way Forward” MICHAEL TOLAND



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