Secret History – The World That Never Was

January 01, 1970

Grand Magistery)


a full lineup of 7 this New York City band, led by the songwriting talents of
Michael Grace (ex-My Favorite, in fact most of this band is made up of the
final lineup for M.F.), has finally dropped their debut full-length on a music
scene that had been drooling for it since their Desolation Town ep
arrived in 2007. Also, if vocalist Lisa Ronson’s last name sounds familiar it’s
because her dad is, yup, you got it, Mr. Mick Ronson (I don’t need to tell you
he was Bowie’s
guitarist, do I?). With a steady lineup committed to quality playing and strong
songs, The World That Never Was is a heady mix of indie pop, glam rock
and new wave and the tunes are as good as hoped for.


Anorak” is stylish way to open a record with punchy guitar and Ronson’s
confident vocals (the song might be about a lousy karaoke singer?) while the
melodic keyboards of “Our Lady of Stalingrad” is the closest thing here to a My
Favorite song. On “God Save the Runaways,” Grave takes over lead vocals and
turns out one of the record’s best songs while Ronson stretches her pipes on
the lovely “Our Lady of Palermo” and turns out a winner as well.  The
Smithsy “Johnny Nightmare” chimes along at a nice pace but a  few of the
slower tunes drag a bit (“Sex With Ghosts”, “Count Backwards (Rock ‘n’ Roll
Never Dies)” but even they weren’t without merit. Though veterans of the music
scene this (fairly new) band has a lot to be proud of on this debut.


: “Johnny Anorak”, “God Save the Runaways”, “Our Lady of Palermo”, “Johnny
Nightmare” TIM HINELY



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