Seapony – Go With Me

January 01, 1970

(Hardly Art)


Interesting back
story on this Seattle trio where the guitarist/songwriter Danny Rowland and
bassist Ian Brewer had grown up together and had been in bands in their native
Oklahoma. They moved to Seattle a decade
ago  but Danny did some state hopping and
ended up in Ohio where he met vocalist Jen
Weidl. They moved back to the Emerald City last year, got reacquainted with
Brewer and I introduce to you, tah dah, Seapony!


The songs have a
bit of Beat Happening spice to them and some Tiger Trap too and a few mid-80’s U.K. bands who I loved (start with the Heavenly and go
forward). Opener “Dreaming” is one of the songs of the year, all clean
fuzz  guitar(if you know what I mean) and
dreamy vocals while “I Never Would” slows it down and sads it up but is still
ace (“Blue Star” too).  “I Really Do” is
one of the moodier tunes (but no less effective) while the guitar on “Go Away”
practically tells you to wipe that grimace off your mug. It’s not like the
formula hasn’t been done a million times before 
(fuzzy guitar,  female vocals,
drum machine) but it basically comes down to songs and that puts these folks
steps ahead of the pack.


It’s all offered
here on the proverbial silver platter. All you need to say is thank you. You’ve
still got manners, right?


DOWNLOADS: “Dreaming”, “I Never Would”, “Go Away”,



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