Seapony – Falling

January 01, 1970

(Hardly Art)


I’m glad that
someone is doing this kind of music so it might as well be these Midwest
transplants (living in Seattle
for the past few years). In the late 80’s and early 90’s it seemed like lots of
bands were doing this kinda of low-key, fuzzy pop (Velocity Girl, Heavenly,
etc.) and while I’m not sure who their influences are I’m guessing I could pick
them out (Velocity Girl, Heavenly, etc.). 
The core of the band is Jen Weidl (vocals and guitars) and Danny Rowland
(guitar and lyrics), a couple who met in the Midwest (Ian Brewer rounds out the
trio) and seem to love to sprinkle their songs with a healthy dose of pop dust
that bands like Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Northern Portrait might be
dipping from.


On their 2011
debut, Go With Me they band seemed to
effortlessly lay down their breezy pop songs and while Falling doesn’t seem like a huge departure (i.e.: not much has
changed from said debut) on here they seem to refine their sound and put a more
pronounced stamp on things. Seriously, give one listen to unforgettable pop
songs like “What You Wanted,” “Follow,” “Be Alone,” and “Never Be” and you
might not listen to anything else for the next month.


While this kind
of pure,  jangly pop might be coming
back, this trio seems seem to be doing it better than anyone, at least at the


DOWNLOAD: “What You Wanted,” “Follow,” “Be
Alone,” “Never Be,” “Prove to Me” TIM HINELY



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