Sean Lennon – Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead

January 01, 1970



Lennon’s parents were all about changing it up between albums. But even they
would have a hard time keeping pace with Sean’s eclectic journey from the
hipster-friendly art-pop adventures of “Into the Sun” to the downbeat easy
listening of “Friendly Fire” to this imaginative scoring of an indie film about
an undead Romanian playwright doing Shakespeare.


leadoff track, “Title Theme,” eases you in with a haunting piano theme before
abruptly shifting gears into a tuba-driven frolic that feels like a parade of
zombies marching through the graveyard in a scene that somehow didn’t make the
final cut in Walt Disney’s “Fantasia.” Other highlights range from the romantic
sweep of “Elsinore” to the haunting “Elsinore Reprise,” which doesn’t sound a
thing like “Elsinore” but does sound quite a bit a like one of Wayne Coyne’s
more inspired bids at sounding Lennon-esque. And just to keeping you guessing,
it ends with a hip-hop track featuring Kool Keith and Miho Hatori.


Standout Tracks: “Title Theme,” “Elsinore”


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