Scott Miller – For Crying Out Loud

January 01, 1970



three straight well received records for the Sugar Hill label Miller and his band
the Commonwealth released the smoking live set, Reconstruction, in 2007.
 He and the band come back strong on this collection of 13 honky tonk
tunes (released on his own label) complete with plenty of muscle and melody.
Miller, who has described he and the Commonwealth’s live show as “just as good
as any Bay City Rollers show” seems to have a bunch of guy who are dialed in to
his every move and it shows in spades on For Crying Out Loud.


“Cheap Ain’t Cheap (For Crying Out Loud)” begins with sass as Miller spits “I
got nothing for you but you keep sticking your hand out” in a tune that is
gritty and defiant, while on track two, “Sin in Indiana,” co-producer Doug
Lancio adds some tasty slide guitar and Patty Griffin adds her pipes to the
weepy “I’m Right Here, my Love.” Some well-placed harmonica (and plenty of
hooks) makes “Let You Down” into a song that could get any juke joint in the
country going full bore on a Saturday night. Miller and his cohorts have given
us a baker’s dozen of well-written songs that boast plenty of heart and soul
and deserve your undivided attention.


:  “Sin In Indiana”, “Let You Down”, “Heart in Harm’s Way” TIM



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