Scott Hardkiss – Technicolor Dreamer

January 01, 1970

(God Within)

Scott Hardkiss has made his name producing and DJing acid house, techno, and
breakbeats all over the world, along with fellow Hardkiss members Gavin and
Robbie. On his debut for his own God Within imprint, Scott attempts to enhance
and expand his repertoire by singing, rapping, and playing a variety of
instruments on a collection of songs that range from electro-pop to
electro-funk to electro-tech.


Unfortunately, the music is full of clichés (like Alvin and
the Chipmunks-pitched vocals over the funk numbers) and cheesy programming and
synth sounds, turning what could be an eclectic mix informed by a veteran DJ
into an exercise in how not to make an album. The occasional song offers a
breezy party vibe, like the disco-influenced “Hey Deejay!”, but even this feels
unfocused and lazy. It appears Scott Hardkiss is much more capable as a spinner
of records than he is a songsmith.


Standout Tracks: “Hey
Deejay,” “Come on, Come on” JONAH FLICKER


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