SCOTT H. BIRAM — Nothin’ But Blood

Album: Nothin' But Blood

Artist: Scott H. Biram

Label: Bloodshot

Release Date: February 04, 2014

Scott H Biram 2-4


 Scott H. Biram — the ‘H’ ought to stand for ‘Hell-raiser’ — comes across as a rather unruly individual, and certainly not one to offer undue niceties even if prompted. On his latest album, the ominously titled Nothin’ But Blood, he ups the ante on acerbic expression and takes his visceral anguish to a higher level than ever before. Although solely responsible for all the instrumentation, he manages to stir up quite a racket, especially when it comes to the ornery bombast of “Alcohol Blues” (which he gleefully laces with profanity), the hardbitten acoustic torch song “Never Comin’ Home,” the overly raucous rocker “Only Whiskey” and the fierce boogie that accompanies “Church Point Girls.”

 One might be forgiven for believing that the cause of his consternation is merely the result of substance abuse, over indulgence and wayward women, especially when he manages to wax nostalgic about the delights of the Vietnamese herb that sustained America’s fighting men in “Nam Weed.” As if to mitigate that propensity, a trio of so-called Gospel bonus tracks ends the album with a note of redemption, but even then, these tattered testimonials don’t entirely erase the sense that Biram’s accumulated a whole lot of sin to seek forgiveness for.  Darkly defiant, Nothin’ But Blood is turbulent and tempestuous to a manic extreme.

 DOWNLOAD: “Never Comin’ Home,” “Alcohol Blues,” “Nam Weed”

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