SCOTT H. BIRAM – The Bad Testament

Album: The Bad Testament

Artist: Scott H. Biram

Label: Bloodshot

Release Date: February 24, 2017



By now it ought to be apparent that Scott H. Biram is one irascible individual. Ornery and unruly to a fault, his albums betray the fact that he fancies himself the heir apparent to any number of edgy outlaws — Waylon Jennings, David Allan Coe, Bobby Bare and Merle Haggard included — even as he goes several steps beyond in affirming his tenacity. “I’m the mother fucking train wrecker,” he declares four songs in on the aptly titled The Bad Testament, and from first song to last — with various sound bites tossed in between — it’s obvious he’s all he claims to be. Even when he settles for an acoustic guitar on songs such as “Righteous Ways,” “Feel So Wrong” and “Swift Driftin” (“It takes a real piece of shit to be a real piece of shit”), his sass and spunk remain intact. There’s little room for compromise in Biram’s MO, but chalk that up to his crude charm, if that’s how one prefers to characterize it. The acapella gospel of “True Religion” aside, this is a gritty set of songs, performed by an obviously unhinged individual who takes pride in his warped weirdness. Indeed, when he offers a self-deprecating description of himself on the perfectly titled “Crippled and Crazy,” any further explanation hardly seems unnecessary.

DOWNLOAD: “Swift Driftin’, “Crippled and Crazy,” “Trainwrecker”

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