Scotland Yard Gospel Choir – …And the Horse You Rode In On

January 01, 1970



dysfunctional a collection of sentiments as ever mustered in song, The Scotland
Yard Gospel Choir’s third album combines an unsettled perspective with the kind
of giddy glam extravagance that would make Bryan Ferry or Russell Mael blush
with envy.  Singer Ethan Adelsman boasts
the combination of an aching croon and a helium-induced hiccup, but the
self-deprecating despondency evidenced in such songs as “Something’s Happening”
(Oh my God, my life is so fucked up…”), “Libertyville or Somewhere” (“God, I’m
not doing well”) and “I Pretend She’s You” (“Christ, I’m a fucking mess”) is
uniformly dismal throughout.  Thankfully
though, that doesn’t affect the overall appeal of the numbers themselves; the
loopy but catchy chorus of “Castles of Wales,” the hedonistic attitude of “One Night
Stand” and the woozy swagger of “Stop!” suggest that beneath the album’s gloomy
veneer, there’s an occasional upward gaze.


… And the Horse You Rode In On is far more compelling than its sullen
attitude might otherwise imply. Lest there be any doubt, The Scotland Yard
Gospel Choir actually manages to sing some inspired tunes.


“One Night Stand,” “Castles of Wales,” “Libertyville
or Somewhere” LEE ZIMMERMAN 



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