School of Seven Bells – Ghostory

January 01, 1970



Were it not for their pixie-like vocals and nominally rock
ready approach, School of Seven Bells might be easily mistaken for just another
dance band residing in the trendy nocturnal haunts of Manhattan, South Beach or
West L.A. Fortunately though, they possess that certain savvy once mined by the
Cocteau Twins, and to a lesser extent, My Bloody Valentine, a trait that nudges
them towards more psychedelic spheres. Most of the songs are littered with
cosmic debris, but fortunately it’s all relegated to the background so as not
to interfere with the percolating pace.


Still, for all the giddy euphoria that’s filtered through
songs like “The Night” and “Low Time,” it’s also clear School of Seven Bells
touts some darker designs. The lyrics make this clear; “You take my love and
leave me empty,” singer Alejandra
Deheza wails on “Love Play,” while “Low Times” echoes a similar sentiment (“Who
led my heart far out to sea to disappear?”) It’s an unlikely juxtaposition,
suggesting a psyche that’s been pilloried and plundered. And given such
despair, Ghostory becomes a haunting
encounter indeed.


Play,” “The Night” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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