School of Seven Bells – Disconnect From Desire

January 01, 1970



One person’s single mom only had the time and money for TV
dinners and the occasional fast food splurge, while another kid was treated to homemade
meals and outings to Michelin-starred restaurants. In many cases, these two
individuals would have developed different palates. So it seems to be, at
times, with music. Last year, a friend positively crowed to his Facebook crew
about a School of Seven Bells appearance in L.A. After sampling the band’s sounds, if I’d
wanted to rain on his parade I would have texted a quizzical emoticon back at


Sure, the debut’s “Half Asleep” stirred up some chewably
chunky rhythms, while “My Cabal” and “Prince of Peace” provided serious
trip/trance fodder. The sounds still seemed to merge ‘80s synth-Pop/Techno
beats with a watered-down version of Celtic/trad. British Isles folk (Steeleye
Span sure rocked this stuff with more hot blood and excitement). I hadn’t heard
the term “dream pop” and didn’t realize this had become, in some circles, a
desirable attainment.


Disconnect From Desire tempts this palate even less than the debut. But musical gastronomes
seeking embellishment for Cocteau Twins and Secret Machines mixes should still
be reasonably satiated. And the owner of this particular palate hasn’t
experienced SOSB live – by all accounts, a lofty, hypnotic affair.


DOWNLOAD: “Babelonia,” “Windstorm,” “ILU” MARY LEARY


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