Album: IV

Artist: Sasquatch

Label: Small Stone

Release Date: September 24, 2013



 Sasquatch has always distinguished itself from the hard rock pack by virtue of its songwriting. Rather than come up with one killer riff to beat into the ground for five minutes, leader Keith Gibbs pens actual melodies, with vocal lines that counterpoint the guitar work and flexible rhythms that lend some swing to the pound.

 IV (the L.A. trio’s fourth LP, natch) is no exception to the fine work on previous platters. Check out “Smoke Signals,” a roaring, angry, yet still accessible cut for a savory slice of heavy rock & roll pie – it’s a prime example of what the band does best. From the singalong tuneship powering rockers “The Message” and “Wolves At My Door” to the underlying melody giving a lift to grinders like “Eye of the Storm” and “Me and You,” Sasquatch does more than just bash it out amid variations on “Weren’t the 70s great?” Forget the Me Decade – Sasquatch rawks in the here and now.

 DOWNLOAD: “Smoke Signals,” “The Message,” “Wolves At My Door”

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