Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion – Bright Examples

January 01, 1970

Street Opus)


Careers can mimic long automobile trips, full of
jogs, turns and detours until you hit just the right road, the one you know
that you were meant to travel. That seems the case with Johnny Irion and his
wife and musical partner Sarah Lee Guthrie when you listen to Bright Examples. There’s no doubt that
Irion, formerly of Queen Sarah Saturday, and Guthrie-folk royalty as the
daughter of Arlo and granddaughter of Woody-have always literally made
beautiful music together. But the duo’s sophomore album seems to be the sound
the two rock fans were meant to create. The sound is a delicious swirl around
country/pop/rock with plenty of flavorings. “Butterflies” leans toward
pop ala Enya while “Speed of Light” turns the tempo way up to rockin’
before the blues rush in on “Ahead of Myself.” The bottom line is that these
folks put you on a lovely sonic path.


DOWNLOAD: “Ahead of Myself,” “Speed of

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