Sarah Jaffe – The Body Wins

January 01, 1970



Initiating her career as another sepia-sounding Americana
darling, Sarah Jaffe makes an abrupt
about-face with her latest album, The
Body Wins
, a move which will undoubtedly cause her fans confusion (if not
consternation) and give the unsuspecting only the vaguest idea about her MO.
The quiet façade that once harbored her muse now gives way to more atmospheric
ambiance and all matter of strange sonic set-ups, a sound better suited to late
night techno dance environs than the dustbowl ethos she cleaved to before.


Jaffe’s irreverent attitude turns diva-esque (imagine
Annie Lennox engaging in a late night soiree with Lady GaGa), on the title
track, while the sinister-sounding “Talk” and the deep grooves of “Glorified
High” keep the pulse percolating. Likewise, the ominous underbelly bolstering “Halfway
Right” and the celestial soundscape imbued in “When You Rest” help provide a
recipe of weirdness. Ultimately, The Body
serves up an unusual brew, one that spans the expanse between a perky
bounce (“Mannequin Woman”) and haunting circumstance (“Hooray for Love”). Both
eerie and intriguing, The Body Wins proves
an unlikely contender.

DOWNLOAD: “Glorified High,”
“Mannequin Woman” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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