Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles – The Stars are Out

January 01, 1970

(Sugar Hill)



Underrated alt-country Boston
native Borges evenly splits the songs on her third album between originals and covers.  Here, she starts out strong with grungy
fuzz-rock (think L7) of the opener “Do It For Free,” ultra-hooky effervescent
pop (think Marshall Crenshaw) of “Yesterday’ Love” (originally done by Brit
rockers Any Trouble) and the dreamy ‘50s rock and roll of “Me and Your Ghost.”


But several of the other covers don’t connect as well:
Smokey Robinson (“Being with You”), Magnetic Fields (“No One
Will Ever Love You”) and Evan Dando (“Ride With Me”) are
interesting choices but they don’t add much to originals or make them her own. As
such, 2007’s Diamonds in the Dark (where she tackles Tom Waits, Reigning
Sound and X well) is the best place to hear her wide-ranging tastes but this is
an honorable follow-up and shows that she’s still got plenty of spirit in her.


Standout tracks: “Yesterday’s
Love,” “It Comes To Me Naturally” JASON GROSS


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