Sarah Blasko – As Day Follows Night

January 01, 1970

(Universal Records/Dramatico)


Is adorable such a bad thing? If you’d tend to answer “Yes”
or even “Meh” to that, then chances are, you’d find this record way too cute to
rate a listen. Hell, I’ve only ever seen four pictures of the woman and that
was enough to have seen her in two different bow ties. But she wears it well.
Not the bowties. The cuteness, which places her closer to Regina Spektor’s
school of cute than Katy Perry’s (if not far removed from the cuteness of Sara
Bareilles’ “King of Anything”).


You know that story where St. Vincent says she fell asleep
to Disney movies while writing the music to “Actor?” The opening track here,
“Down on Love,” sounds way more like the end result of that particular approach
to finding inspiration in the damnedest places. It’s effortlessly dreamy, in
waltz-time, no less, with a melody that makes me think of Leonard Cohen’s
“Hallelujah” as sung by a woman whose wistful delivery conjures images of Amy
Adams in Enchanted. These are all
good things, I promise. Other highlights of Blasko’s third album range from the
Peter-Gabriel-producing-’60s-girl-groups swagger of the aching “We Won’t Run”
to the loping, country-as-Magnetic Fields-would-do-it vibe of the bittersweet
“Hold on My Heart.”


on Love,” “Hold on My Heart” A. WATT

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