Album: Shine

Artist: Sara Hickman

Label: Kirtland

Release Date: July 22, 2014

Sara Hickman 7-23


Sara Hickman’s hardly a household name, although if albums like Shine are any indication, then chances are she ought to be. She’s already achieved that distinction in her native Texas, where she was named Official State Musician, an honor she shares with such elder statesmen as Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett. Parents know her as a prolific writer of children’s songs and for the fun family concerts that have made her a steady presence in the ever burgeoning kiddy music scene. Still, Hickman’s talents ought not limit her to one particular audience over any other; the ten songs on Shine reflect the sound of an artist fully capable of expressing herself in her own voice, regardless of any preset expectations. Songs like “Selfish Freak” (“just another blah, blah, blah… it’s all about you!”),  “Tasty Sweet,” “Cocky Friend” and “You Are Not Alone” are casual and carefree, unerringly playful and effervescent in both delivery and circumstance. It all adds up to a kind of unflagging serenity that permeates the album overall and makes Shine as bright and buoyant as the title implies.

DOWNLOAD: “Selfish Freak,” “Tasty Sweet,” “Cocky Friend”

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