SANDRA RHODES – Where’s Your Love Been

Album: Where’s Your Love Been

Artist: Sandra Rhodes

Label: Omnivore

Release Date: March 18, 2014

Sandra Rhodes 3-18


 Not even remotely a household name, Sandra Rhodes is best known, if at all, as part of Rhodes, Chalmers & Rhodes, a vocal ensemble that backed Al Green on both many of his classic recordings and his secular comeback I Can’t Stop. (Unless you live in Memphis, in which case you probably know her from the long-running local TV program The Rhodes Show, featuring her musical family.) But the singer, songwriter and guitarist took time out from singing “oohs” with her sister Donna and husband Charles Chalmers to cut her own album in 1972.

 Deftly mixing country and soul, the Memphis native makes a virtue of both her personable voice and plainspoken lyrics, burrowing deep into the heart of tunes “No One Else Could Love You More,” “Sowed Love and Reaped the Heartache” and the title track. The warmth of the production and arrangements blend nicely with Rhodes’ voice and words to generate a sort of American answer to Dusty Springfield’s Dusty in Memphis. Now reissued with bonus tracks, many of them as strong as the main titles, Where’s Your Love Been reveals, if not exactly a timeless original, at least a solid talent with a minor gem in her catalog. 

 DOWNLOAD: “Where’s Your Love Been,” “No One Else Could Love You More,” “Sowed Love and Reaped the Heartache”

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