San Fermin / Soak 8/7/15, Denver

Dates: August 7, 2015

Location: Bluebird Theatre, Denver CO

San Fermin


For the August 7 Bluebird Theatre show, I didn’t know much about one of the opening acts, SOAK, except that she‘s an 18 year old Irish lesbian folksinger. That was enough to make me curious. The ad stated that the first band would play at 9 PM so we got there at 10 PM assuming that SOAK would be taking the stage but she was halfway through her set. Damn! What we caught was short but sweet and she engaged the crowd perfectly (didn’t appear nervous at all…if I was 18 and had gone to foreign country to play music I’d would’ve been…..well, wait, I never would have done it anyway). Make sure you check out her terrific debut Before We Forget How to Dream (on Rough Trade)

San Fermin….like 8 hipsters probably from Williamsburg. I made a quote to the effect of “the kind of band that yuppies in New York think they’re radical by watching.” They’re not. My friend Ben observed that “Just because you’re multicultural musicians from Williamsburg doesn’t make your music sound any less like lukewarm Peabo Bryson. San Fermin should only be playing weddings, and only those in which the ice sculptures are artisanal and abstract.”

I couldn’t have said it any better.



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