Samantha Fish/Cassie Taylor/Dani Wilde – Girls With Guitars

January 01, 1970



The idea of combining two or three blues musicians into one big
orgy isn’t a new one – Alligator Records put itself on the map with a handful
of these, and the tradition goes back to Al Kooper, Mike Bloomfield and Stephen
Stills’ much beloved Super Session from the late 60s. Girls With Guitars uses the format to introduce blues guitar fans to three up-and-coming young
artists: axe-slingers Samantha Fish (from Kansas City) and Dani Wilde (from the
U.K.) have one LP apiece, while bassist Cassie Taylor (Colorado) has never
recorded under her own name, but has been appearing on her father Otis’s
records since she was a teenager. Both Wilde and Fish are skilled pickers and
able singers, responsible for the usual coterie of stinging solos and soulful
croons and howls. But most of their efforts blend into not only each other, but
into the work of predecessors like Susan Tedeschi and Sue Foley – the usual
curse of the cracker blues musician. That said, each manages to peel off a
solid tune or two, with Wilde’s solo acoustic “Reason to Stay” and Fish’s
traditionalist “Come On Home” standing out. Taylor is the real find here – her R&B
anthem “Satisfy My Soul” and haunting ballad “Leaving Chicago” (which reflects
her dad’s influence) showcase a burgeoning major talent. The trio lets its hair
down on its direct collaborations – the group-penned blazer “Get Back” and a
rollicking round-robin rip through the Rolling Stones’ “Bitch” sound like the
trio are having a blast melting amplifiers. Whether those tracks are enough to
balance out the generic blues rockers that populate the rest of the disk is
another question, however – one best answered by one’s individual tastes for
this sort of thing.


Download: “Reason
to Stay,” “Leaving Chicago,”

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