Samantha Crain – You (Understand)

January 01, 1970



Although it’s tempting to focus on her rural Oklahoma roots and think
of her as just another girl with a guitar, Samantha Crain is way too savvy to
be so easily categorized. Those who have followed her career can take the title
of this new effort at face value, because indeed, after hearing Crain’s melodic
twists and turns, a knowing appreciation naturally follows. For starters,
there’s that voice – an instrument that soars with an upward spiral at the most
unexpected intervals. It plays out in conjunction with her melodies; songs like
“Lions” and “Religious Wind” start with a wallop and suddenly take a respite
before they relapse, confusing the dynamic but making the music all the more
compelling in the process.


If there is a valid comparison to be made, the
closest it comes is to Brandi Carlisle, another artist who wrings drama from
tangled melodies. And like Carlisle, Crain does put her guitar to good use,
whether it’s with the rich, vibrant strum of “We Are the Same” or the loping
shuffle that steers “Up on the Table.” So too, when she adds a plucking banjo
to the mix on “Santa Fe” or bagpipes to the eerie coda of “Two-Sidedness,”
Crain’s unique appeal is indeed that much easier to understand.

Standout Tracks: “Lions,” “”We Are
the Same,” “Santa Fe”


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