Sam Roberts Band – Collider

January 01, 1970


In the Rock world, there’s often a disparity between an
artist that’s merely competent and one that’s genuinely compelling. The fact
is, a good groove and a reliable riff are often all that’s needed to garner the
loyalty of the masses and entrée to arena status. So it’s easy to forgive the
Sam Roberts Band if they retread familiar turf and rely on their rhythms to
bolster added attention. Four albums on, Roberts — a Canadian turned
Californian — is clearly looking for a way to separate himself from other
wayfaring rockers, and Collider is as
good an attempt as anything in his canon. Consequently, the album fosters a
workmanlike attitude, one clearly calculated to win the hearts of both novices
and current devotees alike. Riding mostly on their rhythms, songs like “The
Last Crusade,” “No Arrows,” “Streets of Heaven and “Sang Froid” aim for instant
engagement, while “Without a Map” and “Longitude” settle in with simply a strut
and stride. As a result, Roberts proves himself a credible purveyor of reliable
rock, a sound that’s easily embraced without inflicting undue demand on its
listeners. Consider it a knowing bid and a good, strong showing.


DOWNLOAD: “Without A Map,” “Sang Froid” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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