Sally Seltmann – Heart That’s Pounding

January 01, 1970

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formerly knew her as the artist known as New Buffalo but after two fine albums under
that moniker Australian Sally Seltmann has released her third record, this time
under her own name. Those two New Buffalo records had their high points but on Heart
That’s Pounding
Seltmann has crafted a consistently enjoyable pop record
from start to finish.


the opening track, “Harmony to my Heartbeat”, Seltmann has delivered her finest
song yet. A soaring, melodic number that is sure to be one of the indie hits of
the year (and probably show up on a few movie soundtracks if producers are
smart). “Set Me Free” is a whimsical love song in the Mary Poppins tradition
with smart lyrics (“But I’m a girl, who needs to be, alone sometimes, so set me
free”) and then the horns come in. Elsewhere, “Dream About Changing” has those
beginning whoah oh oh’s possibly taken from Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” but then
goes into an arching pop gem (and so much better than Mr. Piano Man) and
“Happy”, like its title implies, is a burst of pure joy. A few of the slower,
moodier cuts (“I Tossed a Coin”, “Book Song”, etc.) were a bit in the Nico vein
but instead of icy vocals Seltmann has a voice that can melt the frozen
stuff with its sheer beauty. Summer’s on its way and chances are Heart
That’s Pounding
will be the soundtrack to this favorite of seasons.


“Harmony to my Heartbeat”, “Set Me Free”, “Dream About Changing”, “Sentimental Seeker” TIM HINELY




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