Sally Crewe & the Sudden Moves – Transmit/Receive EP

January 01, 1970

(8-Track Mind)


After three
well-received full-lengths (the last one being 2009’s Your Nearest Exit May Be Behind You) transplanted Texan (originally
from the U.K.)
Crewe and her band of thieves (which includes ex-GBV Doug Gillard on guitar,
George Duron on drums and Matt Babb on bass…Gillard also co-wrote 4 of the 5
songs) offer up 5 winning songs here on what may be her finest release yet. In
this day and age of bands relying on gimmicks to gain credibility, well, this
isn’t gimmicky stuff here, Crewe/Gillard get by simply on strong songs (the way
it should be).


Opening cut
“Make Me Stay” opens with a circular guitar riff that turns chunky about a
minute in and is backed by a solid, driving rhythm section and some surprising
backing vocals. I still think my favorite part is when Crewe
says “Settle down” but with that Brit accent settle becomes set-uhl (gets me
every time). “Punk Rock Kid” has more of the jagged guitar, lots of
whoah-oh-oh’s until a middle part kicks in and there’s some (gulp….ready for
it) reggae-ish guitar that totally works! “Living Like You’ve Got Forever” is
the finest cut here, all four minutes of it with again the mixture of sweet n’
sour guitar, dreamy backing vocals and a rhythm section that seem to punctuate
everything with some extra oomph. Of the final two tracks, “Back Again” slows
it down and “It’s Only Love” grinds it out.


I’d call this
stuff power pop if I didn’t think I’d receive some nasty hate mail so we’ll
just say all rock fans take note.


DOWNLOAD: “Punk Rock Kid”, “Living Like You’ve Got

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