Sallie Ford + Tacocat 12/3/15, Denver

Dates: December 3, 2015

Location: Hi Dive, Denver CO

Sallie Ford


I missed Seattle fearsome foursome Tacocat’s debut in 2010 (Shame Spiral…and the few EPs that came afterward) but really enjoyed their Hardly Art debut from last year NVM and was hopin’ they’d make a stop in Denver and here they were at the Hi Dive (and apparently it’s not their first stop here as the singer stated “It’s good to be back”).



The band (pictured above) were opening for Portland’s Sallie Ford (promotional photo at top) on this tour and apparently having a damn good time doing it. Tacocat consists of three women, Emily on vocals, Bree on bass, and Lelah on drums, plus a tall, Krist Novaselic- lookalike on guitar in a Santa Hat (Eric). The songs are basically short, catchy bursts of pop punk and the band definitely likes to have fun (constantly joking with each other on stage….not as common as you’d think) and not taking themselves too seriously. They played a handful of new ones that sounded cool and I really enjoyed the tunes I already liked from NVM like “Bridge to Hawaii,” “You Never Came Back,” “Hey Girl” and the set-ending hit, “Crimson Wave.” As the stoned kid at work always says, good times.


Though being around in Portland when I lived there (we left in 2012) I’d never seen Sallie Ford. Her band used to be known as Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside but now she just goes by her name and instead of three gents backing her up it’s three ladies. I’d always assumed she was in the country vein,…and there is some of that but it’s kinda like how The Blasters used to call what they did “American music”….I’d call it closer to that.



Anyway, after breaking up the Sound Outside she came back with three ladies and released Slap Back last year on the Vanguard label to much critical acclaim. They opened with an acapella tune and then never looked back, with Ford oozing attitude coming straight out of her horn-rimmed glasses and rolled up pant legs to show some white socks (did she have a switchblade hidden somewhere?). From said record he heard stompers like “Workin’ the Job”, “Oregon” and “So Damn Low.” Like Tacocat, obviously having a good time together on stage, but unlike Tacocat kicking more attitude. Ford and the band are a talented bunch and deserve your undivided attention. When they come to your town make sure you’ve got that evening open.

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