Sadies 8/20/16, Denver

Dates: August 20, 2016

Location: Bull and Bush, Denver CO


The Upshot: The uniquely-named Bull and Bush pub hosted a genuine Canadian export – and we’re not just talking about ale! Meet the Sadies…


I’d seen Canada’s finest purveyors of reverbed-out, surfy country rock once before, in Portland, but it had been years ago and watched to catch up with them again.

Plus I had never ben tio the Bull and Bush before though I’ve driven by it numerous times. It’s a cool Brit. style pub over in Glendale (a separate area within Denver ) and a pretty quick drive for me. Got there at 8:45 PM and the place was pretty packed, plus no opening band so that’s always a plus, The 9 PM starting time ended up being about 9:45 but what the hell, it was Saturday night and still relatively early (though me, my pal Ben and another guy we chatted with all agreed that one of us needs to open a club up where the headliner starts at 8 PM and everyone is home and in bed by 10 PM….yeah?).

So yeah Toronto’s Sadies have been around for the better part of the last two decades and led by the brothers Good, Travis and Dallas (and let’s not forget Mike Belitsky on drums, he formerly of the Pernice Brothers). I forget the stand-up bass player’s name but he was a solid player as well.


For those two decades their many, many releases alternate between the Bloodshot label and the Yep Roc label. All of them are worthy of your time and well-worth hearing.

The boys came out to a crazed applause of fans and proceed to play a healthy mix of tunes off all of their records (1998’s Precious Moments being their debut). We heard “Leave this World Behind” (from 2013’s Internal Sounds) as well as “Strange Bird,” “Pretty Polly” (from said debut) and plenty more.

In the second set we heard jolters like “Stay All Night” (a Willie Nelson cover), and “So Much Blood.” These guys just kept playing and while I would’ve loved to have hung until the bitter end my bed was calling. Still I’d caught enough to remember why I wanted to go to this gig so badly in the first place. The Sadies are crown princes and deserve all of ther encores they get. Catch ‘em now, catch ‘em later, catch ‘em always.



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