RZA as Bobby Digital – Digi Snacks

January 01, 1970







With that recent Wu Tang Clan record a not-too-surprising
letdown, it’s impressive to see its sonic provocateur — RZA — up, at ‘em and
returning to superhero mode, Bobby Digital. It’s been a long time between Digi
drinks. But RZA’s putting forth his cast of cartoon usuals and letting them
front a brand of slow unctuous funk and electro-fried hip hop that’d impress
George Clinton.


For all of Digital’s characters’ ill travails, much of what RZA’s
espousing takes a highly personal tack. The loss of cousin Ol Dirty Bastard and
a community of thugs with more drugs than Walgreens on the title track, the
Wu’s beginnings and its Shaolin uprising atop the soulful slinky sounds of “You
Can’t Stop Me Now.” Most impressive though – from the royal jazz of “Drama” to
the Blaxploitative spazz of “Creep” – is RZA by himself spitting a sort of curt
verse you can’t get enough of. 2008s best hip hop CD to date.


Standout Tracks: “Longtime Coming,” “You Can’t Stop Me Now” A.D. AMOROSI


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