Ryan Darton – I Am a Moth

January 01, 1970





The most impressive thing about Ryan Darton’s debut I Am a
Moth is that it sounds nothing like a debut album. Brimming with clean
production (without coming off too slick), some brave musical experimenting
(quick, name another debut featuring a Cambodian dulcimer), and extremely confident
vocals, more in common with a relaxed veteran musician than an amateur, I Am a Moth is impressive in its


And the gamble, for the most part, pays off.   


The 11 tracks from this LA, by way of Salt Lake City,
singer-songwriter vacillate between decent, but standard acoustic rock you’d
expect to show up as mood music on Grey’s Anatomy  (“Divorce Generation”) to  earnest, but nonetheless beautiful ditties (“I
Am a Moth” and the slow build Elvis cover “Can’t Help  Falling in Love”).


Surprising that Darton opted
to self-release this one on his own, as the record is better than many of the
label-oriented music that’s come out so far this year.   


to Me Baby,” “I Am a Moth” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love”   JOHN


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