Ruthie Foster – The Truth According to Ruthie Foster

January 01, 1970

Corn Music)



no question that singer-songwriter Ruthie Foster is possessed of an incredible
voice; her soulful approach to singing is refreshingly direct, delivered in a
manner that combines a gentle sense of melody with a near-conversational
simplicity. It’s a unique vocal stance, and one that instantly sets her apart
from any of her contemporaries in the many genres she finds herself slotted
into; she’s not as gritty as most female blues singers, nor as melismatic as
most female soul singers, and she employs neither the singer-songwriter’s
whispery tone of confession nor the rocker’s chest-puffed brusqueness. So, yeah,
Ruthie Foster’s sings in a mighty impressive manner.



problem, however, is that the songs she wrote for this record – as honest and
well-crafted as they are – find themselves almost completely eviscerated of
emotion by the clinical sound of the recording itself. Producer Chris Goldsmith
was apparently looking for a dry and straightforward recording style that
reflected Foster’s vocal approach; what he hit on was a sterile mix that exudes
exactly zero warmth. Thankfully, Foster’s got fire to spare and her voice does
wonders to bring her unique songwriting style – part blues, part folk, part
classic rock – to life in an unflattering setting.



Standout Tracks: “Truth!”





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