Runaways – The Mercury Albums Anthology

January 01, 1970



before Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning were even a dirty thought in their
parents’ heads, there was The Runaways. From the mid to late ‘70s, the teenage
girl group churned out three full lengths and a live record before flaming out
over money and the direction of the band. All four albums are included in the
two-disc, 42-song Mercury Albums



the band was clearly manufactured, in this case by notorious producer Kim
Fowley, it is obvious from their earliest recordings that the members are all
great musicians in their own right. With regards to the influence of the Svengali-like
Fowley, only a guy could steer the band to play up the Lolita angle this
strong. The original lineup comprised Joan Jett, Sandy West, Lita Ford, Micki
Steele and Cherie Currie. Joan Jett went on to have the most success musical
career post break up, but Ford had a reign as heavy metal princess through the ‘90s
and Steele went on to form the Bangles.



many assembled modern girl groups, The Runaways not only wrote most of their
own music, but could play the shit out of their songs. Lyrically, the band is
hit (“Cherry Bomb”) or miss (“Dead End Justice”), but musically, the band mines
the best of influences from bands like Queen, Cheap Trick, David Bowie and
Kiss. Whether or not Hollywood’s
biopic on the band will stir up genuine renewed interest in the group remains
to be seen, but this anthology is more than enough reason to get reacquainted.



Standout Tracks:  “Cherry Bomb,” “Queens
of Night,” “Waitin’ For the Night” JOHN B. MOORE




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