Ruby Throat – The Ventriloquist

January 01, 1970

(Sleeps Like Wolves



KatieJane Garside, the singing half of the British duo Ruby
Throat (Chris Whittingham provides spare guitar) is ready to take her voice
past Joanna Newsom or Elizabeth Fraser and into places only Yoko Ono or Patty
Waters would go, crying and moaning and most of all searching for some
kind of sonic breakthrough that will change her – and your – life. As a result,
a song like “John 3.16” on this debut album is so gripping, involving and
commanding you stop everything to wonder if she’ll get out of the trance into
which she’s put herself. Yes, she does, magnificently so, but only to enter the
sorrow of an introspective, intimate ballad like “Happy Now Part. 2.”


Garside, who used to front Daisy Chainsaw, is capable of
singing in an icily pure soprano voice, but saves it for peak moments.
Otherwise, she favors a lulling softness, sometimes using eerie multi-tracked
muttering (“Ghost Boy”). There is a mystical component to the lyrics and the
whole approach, but most of the songs have a reasonably tight structure and
accessibility – like the more introspective side of late-1960s/early-1970s
British folk-rock produced by Joe Boyd.


Standout Tracks: “House of Thieves,” “John 3.16.” STEVEN ROSEN



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