Album: New As Dew

Artist: Ruby the Rabbitfoot

Label: Normaltown

Release Date: March 18, 2014

Ruby Rabbitfoot 3-18


 While most major label A&R folks and music press have all stopped checking back in on the Athens, GA music scene since sometime in the early ‘90s, the community there is just as strong as when it was churning out bands like Pylon and R.E.M.

 Need proof? Just listen to the first couple of tracks off of Ruby Kendrick’s (aka Ruby the Rabbitfoot) sophomore effort, New As Dew. With a voice almost reminiscent of everyone from Jenny Lewis (especially on the second track, “The Shelf”) to Margo Timmins, and songs that quiet and beautiful, the record manages to sound both vaguely familiar but wholly original.

 The stellar songwriting is punctuated by Kendrick’s crystal clear vocals and whisper quite instrumentation. Raised in a household of hippies in Southern Georgia (hence the slightly cringe-worthy band name), Kendrick seems to sing with all the abandon of a kid who grew up without a lot of judgment or strict rules.

  New As Dew is the latest record on the barely two-year old Normaltown Records, an imprint of the fantastic New West label. 

 DOWNLOAD: “Ways,” “The Shelf” and “Infinity”


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